The Healthy Benefits of a Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Peppermint sugar scrub Making a peppermint sugar scrub is becoming more common in the world of sugar scrubs today! A peppermint sugar scrub is just as easy to make as any other sugar scrub. They're even better during winter months mostly associated with the holidays! In fact, knowing how to make a peppermint sugar scrub would be a fabulous idea to make as a gift for friends and family!

There's more to a peppermint sugar scrub than it's tingle and scent. There are many health benefits that can come with making any type of sugar scrub! An all natural peppermint sugar scrub is indeed no exception!

Mild Stress reliever

Had a stressful day at work? Things didn't go quite as you planned during your day? Peppermint oil can be a great help to take away the stress! Peppermint oil has this natural cool effect that works on the outside of the body as well as do wonders on the inside. Try just a few drops to your bath then immerse yourself into your own stress relief Zone! Don't blink! The effect of relief is that fast!

Respiratory aid: Breathe a little easier

The use of Peppermint oil as a nasal decongestant may help clear up your respiratory tract. You can try this natural power by applying peppermint essential oil as a rub. Use a dab and rub it on your chest or a few drops and inhale it from a vaporizer to help clear nasal congestion reducing cough and other bothersome symptoms that come with common colds.

Memory gain: Logical greatness

Not only is the scent of peppermint fabulous but the amazing aroma of peppermint essential oils has been clinically shown to help with one's memory and increase mental alertness. Hey, If Red bull can claim to "give you wings" then a peppermint sugar scrub may have the potential to unlock more areas of the brain...guess which one has a better possibility of happening?

Relive Headache pain

Ever notice a tingle in your nose and near your brain when you smell Peppermint oil? Even though Peppermint can reduce nasal symptoms, peppermint essential oil may also help you reduce your headache. try dripping a few drops of your favorite peppermint oil on your wrist or the back of your hand. You can also place a few drops on a cloth or paper towel! Once you do that, Take it all in...breathe in the peppermint oil to relieve your headache throughout the day.

Skin and Body

It wouldn't be right not to include how peppermint would help your skin and body, That's the sole reason why you're here in the first place right? For a nice minty massage, combine your favorite peppermint oil into your massage oil, your best shampoo, body wash or lotion. The use of peppermint in this way can help further remove dandruff and even lice from your scalp. Along with Many other body calming features of peppermint, it can also relieve muscle spasms and other muscle pain. You do this by rubbing the essential oil onto muscle areas that are sore or by applying it to your bath water for overall muscle pain relief.

Peppermint is a wonderful addition to your sugar scrub collection, What better way to enjoy the experience of an o-so-super peppermint sugar scrub than to check out how many others have done it, This will also enhance your knowledge and help you tweak your own creativity of sugar scrub!

"Modern Mom" - DIY Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays, One really cool way is not only eat sugar cane, but to achieve soft skin with the awesome scent of sugar cane! Modern Mom has a fantastic Sugar scrub made from one of the most popular sugar sweets of all time! Take your Candy cane to a place where it normally wouldn't go! On your body! Enjoy Modern Mom's other great tips as well!

"Imperial Sugar" - Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Imperial Sugar Giving another great sugar scrub! This Peppermint swirl sugar scrub is extremely easy to make with simple ingredients with easy to read instructions! The Picture given even shows great design of the peppermint inside, Looks like a super gigantic peppermint! These instructions leave with two jars, One for you and for a friend or a loved one, (as if you're going to share)

"I Save A to Z" - Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe

I Save A to Z also brings in the holidays with a grand version of a homemade peppermint sugar scrub! Everything about this sugar scrub is presented for you in high detailed pictures with the recipe that even offers links on where to get the ingredients to make the sugar scrub! If that's not BFF thinking then i don't know what is! In the end you are rewarded with a beautiful display of your next skin softening bliss that is all yours because you made it yourself! Visit I save A to Z for other Crafts and Wonderful gifts!

"The Prairie Homestead" - Simple Peppermint Citrus Scrub

A unique combination of citrus and mint to make a sugar scrub to relieve your skin of itch and dryness, The Prairie Homestead takes all natural skills with this wonderful creation of a peppermint citrus scrub. the ingredients and instructions are well thought and even gives great notes about this nice sugar scrub! Don't forget to check out many other natural goodness that the prairie homestead has to offer!

"The Frugal Girls" - Peppermint Sugar Scrub

With many of the flavors of peppermint sugar scrub, Most of the time, Keeping it simple is best! (Certainly you've heard that in school!) The Frugal Girls do just that by showing one of the best ways to make a really cute peppermint sugar scrub! Ingredients and instructions are set in bullet form for easy reading! Anyone can make this sugar scrub at anytime and it costs you little to nothing if you already have the ingredients in your kitchen...of which if you love sugar scrubs you more than likely do! Enjoy The Frugal Girls other crafts and gifts and live a better life for just pennies on the dollar!

Although those cold winter months can do quite a deal to one's skin, that doesn't mean that you have to actually “deal” with it! With a nice peppermint sugar scrub handy! You can enjoy your bright and snowy season and still have the best looking, feeling, glowing skin of all! Happy Holidays! Have fun!

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