Sugar scrub recipe: Nature's True Skincare

Sugar scrub recipe New to making your own sugar scrub? Wish to learn an easy new sugar scrub recipe to spark some ideas? The sugar scrub world is full of endless possibilities! Once you learn this easy to make sugar scrub recipe, add more to it to make it truly your own!

Here's a great sugar scrub recipe that is simple to master and you can enhance to your liking! It may have many names, with so many people having their own sugar scrub recipes, we're bound to meet someone that has similar sugar scrub recipes! Great minds think alike eh?

This sugar scrub recipe will be called "The Sun Shard Sugar Scrub!" The citrus feel of orange with a burst of peppermint swimming in a golden sweet pond of honey! Feel the early morning sun grace your skin just right!

"The Sun Shard Sugar Scrub":

White Sugar(2 Cups)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1/2 Cup to start)
Orange(1 Orange)
Honey(1/2 Cup to start, you can add more to your liking)
Peppermint(10 drops should do just fine)

With your right combination, you can take The Sun Shard Sugar Scrub recipe and make it unique to your own skin! Change the sugar from white to brown to make it a "sunset" instead of a sunrise! (see what just happened there?) Adventure in the life of a sugar scrub alchemist and take your skin to the next level of softness!

Take this sugar scrub recipe under your wing and make the sun jealous!

recipe Homemade sugar scrub recipe

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