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Sugar scrub for faceWhen it comes to having any type of scrub, one thing to remember is that not all parts of your body have the same sensitivity as the other! That also applies when it comes to the strength of a sugar scrub! You can make a sugar scrub with more or less texture for certain areas of your body, There's sugar scrub for body, legs, hands, feet, knees and one of the most important, sugar scrub for face!

Having a sugar scrub for face, or simply known as either a sugar face scrub or a facial sugar scrub, Not a lot of intensity is needed to achieve the exfoliating power of your sugar scrub for say...your knees and elbows or other rough edge parts of your body, When making a sugar scrub for face, it is most imperative that you know not only your skin sensitivity if you're making the sugar facial scrub yourself but to also know your skin tolerance! This applies to how often you can apply your awesome sugar face scrub!

Even though it is great to have all kinds of sugar scrubs, having a sugar scrub specifically targeted for particular areas of your body will help you get the smooth skin that you're looking for without having to compensate or overdo it to the areas of your body that either need it most or need less of it, Therefore creating a sugar scrub for face as well as for other parts of your body will definitely serve you well, here are but a few of easy to make sugar face scrubs for you to start your skin smoothing journey!

"" - Homemade Face Scrub Talks about how not every sugar scrub fits a particular skin type, one sugar scrub may be too rough for sensitive skin while the other may not seem to get the deep down clean that you want! Making a sugar face scrub for yourself is a great option! shows you how to take simple ingredients to bake a sugar scrub that's just for you!

"The Kitchen McCabe" - DIY Brown Sugar Honey Facial Scrub

The Kitchen McCabe Gives a great Honey facial sugar scrub that costs way less than the brand regularly paid for and works better as well! Great all natural ingredients of brown sugar and RAW honey! A nice little treat to wake up to in the morning to get your day started right!

"Beauty Banter" - DIY: Lemon and Sugar Body & Face Scrub

Beauty Banter Has a nice DIY version of a Lemon sugar face scrub that also works well for your body! With detailed and easy to read instructions to create it and apply it! The extra effort goes with showing the benefits of this wonderful sugar scrub!

"Healthy Tipping Point" - Two Ingredient Sugar Face Scrub

It can't get any easier than this! With The Healthy Tipping Point Sharing a simple two ingredient (That's right...TWO!) sugar face scrub! A 3 year old can make this splendid wonder-cleanser of nature by accident! There's no way that you can go wrong with this amazing sugar scrub!

"Homemade For Elle" - 13 Simple Exfoliating Face Scrubs

With an astonishing 13 face scrubs at your disposal from Homemade For ElleHaving a cleaner more youthful face is easier than ever! Every single one of these face scrubs are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to acquire! Check out all of these amazing face scrub recipes! Ever hear the saying “your eyes are like the window to your soul?” well, think of your face as the most beautiful frame of that window, the frame of your window to the soul must be taken care of just as much as the rest of your body! Most people put makeup on to cover the flaws and that's okay for a temporary fix, but what if when you made your sugar scrub for face, you made it help you to where you no longer needed makeup? That's something to think about the next time that you make your sugar scrub! Get that beautiful skin now! Have fun!

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