Olive oil and sugar scrub: The dynamic Duo of skincare

Olive oil and sugar scrubWhen it comes to olive oil and sugar scrub, The word common is an understatement! Although there are many types of base oils to use, there's no common go-to oil to use when making a sugar scrub than olive oil! It's used in roughly 90% of all sugar scrubs ever made and there's no decline of it's use in sight anytime soon! You would think that with all of the many health properties of olive oil that purchasing it would literally cost an arm and a leg. Quite the contrary! Making sugar scrub with olive oil has to be one of the smartest and greatest ways ever to get the baby soft skin that you've always wanted back! (Remember! You did have it once before!)

”Olive oil and Coconut oil are throwing punches to see who is the superior oil to use in sugar scrubs! Like one better than the other? Stake your claim in SSH's Olive Oil vs. Coconut Oil Poll!”

Lemon and sugar scrub "Sugar Scrub Hub" - Coconut Oil Vs. Olive Oil

Many who have started making sugar scrubs were more than likely instructed to use olive oil not only because it's inexpensive and you can purchase it at almost any grocery, but because with all of the amazing health benefits that olive oil provides, There would be little reason not to mix olive oil and sugar scrub together! When looking for olive oil to use for your sugar scrub, it's always best to go for the freshest! Even though there are different types based on certain processes to the olive oil, Extra virgin olive oil is by far the best to use for any sugar scrub that you make! However if you have the other types already with you then there's no harm in using those either! It's just highly preferred to use extra virgin olive oil than the others!

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Olive oil and sugar scrub "Sugar Scrub Hub" - Olive oil sugar scrub: The most fantastic Skincare

Rather you're a novice or a master in the sugar scrub world, you should know by now that it will never be difficult to find a great read on olive oil sugar scrub recipes! Click here "How to make sugar scrub the extremely easy way" to find out just how easy it is to make the most basic sugar scrub ever! You shouldn't be too surprised to discover that the recipe includes...you guessed it. Olive oil! It is with this super basic and very speedy recipe that countless other sugar scrub recipes have been imagined, re-imagined, modified and even scrapped!

(wait! SCRAPPED? Yes! Believe it or not, no matter how unique one can make a sugar scrub, some sugar scrub combos just don't go together. But hey, if you're into Lemon, mint Burnt-Chips sugar scrub, then...hey, whatever rocks your boat!)

Olive oil and sugar scrub "Kimiya Joon" - Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Want to have incredibly smooth lips? Don't we all? Sugar scrubs can do that too! With this luxurious sugar lip scrub from Kimiya Joon, getting plump kissable soft lips have never been easier! Simple to read with beyond easy instructions using all natural ingredients! So take a look at this but what ever you do, when you do obtain those heavenly soft lips, please for the love of all things, don't do the “duckface”! Like seriously...Not everyone can pull it off...and not even real ducks do it!

Olive oil and sugar scrub "The Balanced Platter" - Homemade Gifts: Lavender Olive Oil Body Scrub

A great lavender addition to the olive oil and sugar scrub team! The Balanced Platter shares a unique treat that can be made right in the comfort of your kitchen! The wonderful scent of Lavender Combined with the scrubbing power of all natural sugar and the moisturizing smoothing olive oil. Oh and the optional lavender buds are such a nice touch!

Olive oil and sugar scrub "MakeupAlley" - Homemade Olive Oil & Sugar Body Scrub

With this speedy read by MakeupAlley, It cannot get any simpler than this! If you ever need to know how quick it is to make a sugar scrub that will get you a jumper cable start on your skincare journey? This is it! This is definitely how easy it is to whip up a small bowl of smooth skin goodness!

Olive oil and sugar scrub "Living Frugal With Erika" - DIY: Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

This is a super cute take on an Olive oil sugar scrub by Living Frugal with Erika! Recipe includes the supplies that you need, well written directions on how to make it and how to apply it to get the best out of your newly made product! This can be a great gift for anyone so keep that in mind during the spirit of giving!

Olive oil and sugar scrub "SpaGregorie's" - Sugar and Olive Oil Body Scrub Recipe

SpaGregorie's Day Spa and Salons shares a nice to the point olive oil sugar scrub recipe. Of course if a day spa can give a recipe as easy as this then you know that it has to be good! Using all natural obtainable ingredients with easy application! Day to day goodness is at your reach!

As long as olive oil exists and is still on the cheap side for us all to get, olive oil and sugar scrub will always remain friends! Olive oil is the foundation for many sugar scrubs from the most basic to the most creative! Using this combination and putting a little bow on the bottle would be a nice present for you and your family and friends! (or that particular individual who’s birthday you forgot and you need to make something last minute...hey we've all done it!) Never lose your love for sugar scrub, always use the best ingredients and most of all, Have fun!

Olive oil Sugar Lip Scrub Homeade sugar scrub recipe

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