Lemon Sugar Scrub for even brighter skin

Lemon sugar scrub The health benefits of lemon is extremely powerful for it to come in such a thick and squishy yellow skin! Lemons regulate and helps reduce high blood pressure, helps do away with that common cold spell that seem to sneak up out of nowhere and now everyone's placing the blame on each other! Lemons also believe it or not it helps relieve breathing and other respiratory complications! You would think in someway that it would be the other way around!
In the case of skin it makes scars go poof! bye! bye (or at least make them hard to see) and strikes down blackheads and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles! (cliche...all day!) Making a Lemon sugar scrub should be on everyone's mind and be loved somewhere in someone's bathroom!

Making a lemon sugar scrub can be a lot of fun! With these simple instructions it is encouraged that you make a day out of it and enjoy yourself! besides! isn't that the whole point of making your own things? A saying goes "The basics of few can be the creation of many!" (Totally made up!) Meaning, The greatest things in the world had to start from something! be it one thing or a few! This lemon sugar scrub is as easy as it gets but never forget! you have a mind! Take this easy lemon sugar scrub recipe and fantasize what else you can do with it! Let's call this "The easy-peasy sweet lemon sugar scrub!

"The Easy-Peasy sweet lemon sugar scrub"

Have 1 Cup of lemon juice and put it into a bowl or jar for saving. It's even cooler if you put lemon zest in it for extra happiness!
Add 1 Cup of white/brown sugar into your bowl or jar.
Put 1 Cup of Cocoa butter oil into your bowl or jar. you can use whatever oil that you have available, but the cocoa butter oil along with the optional brown sugar makes the "sweet" scent in our easy-peasy sweet lemon sugar scrub!

...and that's it! This amount makes a more creamy lemon sugar scrub than most! It's okay to vary what you put in it according to your preferences! Your unique lemon sugar scrub is what makes it special so mix and mingle all things single! (that means do it how you want and you can't go wrong!)

Your health and beauty has just gotten an all natural +1 in cool points! You can make this lemon sugar scrub or any other sugar scrub this easy and be just as amazed with the results! The cool thing about sugar scrubs is that the application is INSTANT! Baby smooth skin in minutes! Using all natural products! No amount of money ever spent can beat that! So save your 20 bucks for the moment and make your own lemon sugar scrub today! Love yourself!

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