Lemon and Sugar scrub for a smooth even skin tone

Lemon and sugar scrubWith the many health properties both externally and internally of our little yellow squishy friend lemon, putting it into a lovely sugar scrub to start your day is starting to become more and more common among sugar scrub makers of the world! Lemon and sugar scrub together make a great combination because of the many positive factors that lemon can do for your skin. The exfoliation of the sugar scrub will make what lemon does for your skin by itself work just a bit faster! If done carefully and correctly, you will begin to enjoy these wonderful benefits!

When it comes to lemon and sugar scrubs, of course using all natural lemon is best. If you're planning on using natural lemon for your sugar scrub, certain factors must be strongly taken into account. First and foremost, lemon is a natural acid! Everyone knows that as fantastic as lemon really is, if used improperly or in excess, it can cause irritation to your skin in certain areas of your body! No body wants that! Most people who put lemon in their sugar scrub tend to put only enough to attract the sent of lemon. Others may put a little extra to enjoy the amazing features that lemon can do for your skin.

”If you would like to check out more about the awesomeness of lemon and sugar scrubs, Here's something that might interest you!”

Lemon and sugar scrub "Sugar Scrub Hub" - Lemon Sugar Scrub for even brighter skin

It's not really a rarity for one to find a great lemon and sugar scrub recipe! It may appear that way for some because a few people who actually love using a sugar scrub have sensitive skin and sometimes shy away from sugar scrubs with a rather high amount of acidity in them! Unique Combinations like Lemon orange grapefruit spearmint sugar scrub just might be a bit much for someone with sensitive skin. (Although that combination sounds ridiculously awesome!)

Make no mistake however, that doesn't mean that you wont find any darn good lemon and sugar scrub recipes though! In fact there's lots of them! Especially if you're into getting that summer glow that makes people drool over your presence! If you're in the market for a wonderful lemon sugar scrub, Then take a great look at these few great reads!

Lemon and sugar scrub "Color Me Beautiful" - Lemon sugar facial scrub for acne scars

When it comes to going natural to take care of acne scars, not too many things are as powerful as lemon! With this great Lemon sugar scrub by Color Me Beautiful you can make this recipe and see results! Nature doesn't know how to lie!

Lemon and sugar scrub "A Pumpkin and a Princess" - Homemade Lemon Sugar Face Scrub with Coconut Oil

This is a fantastic DIY style homemade Lemon sugar scrub that's also good for your face by A pumpkin and a Princess. With our Contender Coconut oil, this is a quick and super easy way to make your face smooth as silk! Keep this one for the recipe books!

Lemon and sugar scrub "Alli Simpson" - Lemon Sugar Body Face Scrub

Alli Simpson shows off her skills in making a very easy sugar body scrub for those who wish to have even skin tone all over! It's a quick and natural way to exfoliate and get the brightening power of lemon in where it needs it most!

Lemon and sugar scrub "I Heart Naptime" - Lemon Sugar scrub

I Heart NapTime Gives a very cute pop of Lemon and sugar scrub! With rather extremely huge pictures giving you high definition of how your sugar scrub should look like, Which is awesome! Because this was done DIY style, A gift awaits all who want it! Go check it out! It's a piece of what's cool about making anything homemade yourself!

Lemon and sugar scrub "Momtastic" - DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

A fantastic Lemon sugar scrub by Momtastic. Step by step instructions and images to match. With the ingredients to make this particular scrub, you can use it as other skincare items as discussed here! You have variety with this recipe and it's definitely worth a keeper!

As you can see, Lemon is great to put into your favorite sugar scrub! Although some people do it during winter but you can also spruce up those summer days with super bright glowing skin that those name brands can't compete with! With this new found knowledge of how lemon will help you on the outside as well as the inside, you just might see yourself buying lemons more often! Having a lemon and sugar scrub combo in the morning will definitely get your day going! So go out and make yourself some lemonade, but save some of that lemon juice for a nice citrus burst for your sugar scrub! Have fun!

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