How to use a sugar scrub properly and effectively

How to use a sugar scrubWhen after all of your research on sugar scrubs is done and you finally decide to take the plunge into making your own, ensuring your soft, smooth, beautiful skin is only half the journey, making sure that you know how to apply your sugar scrub effectively is also key to maximizing it's benefits! Not all sugar scrubs are created equal. If they were they would all be super boring, That's what makes the craft so unique! You can achieve beauty in so many ways and in doing so, knowing how to use a sugar scrub is just that extra step to take in having the most youthful looking skin possible!

There are a lot of sugar scrub recipes out there. Billions of different variations on how to make a wonderful skin exfoliator! Everyone in the world should have smooth skin due to it's inexpensive cost and the ability to make one easily and quickly. A good thing to know is that the numbers are growing, You being among them! Take note that with the many types of homemade sugar scrubs made my an ever growing number of people all over the world, almost all of them would tell you how to apply their concoction and that it's easy to do. They couldn't be more right! With that being said, There are certain areas of this fact that has to be taken into consideration. Such as the intensity of the scrub being made, how often to apply it and what to do about questionable skin conditions. When beginning a sugar scrub regimen, These things must be taken into account just so that you don't run into any avoidable obstacles on your road to amazing skin!

“How do I apply my sugar scrub?”

The most common and best way to apply your sugar scrub is slowly and in circular motions throughout your specific area of the body. Remember, even though it is sugar that is doing the scrubbing part, it's still an abrasive and is meant to slough away DEAD skin cells, not the live cells. Try not to apply too much pressure when using your sugar scrub. That could cause minor irritation defeating its purpose of getting you smooth skin almost instantly!

After you've applied your sugar scrub thoroughly, some people allow the scrub to sit on their skin for a while allowing their favorite essential oils and other scented flavors to absorb into the skin. This further amplifies skin youthfulness for you're utilizing more of the scrub than just the scrubbing effect! Once this is done you simply take a bath or shower to remove the scrub along with the dead skin cells. This part of the scrubbing process is one of the coolest experiences you'll have because it's during your bath or shower you really begin to feel how smooth your skin is, it's like night and day. It's wicked awesome! If you haven't tried it yet, you're in for one of the best feelings you'll ever have!

“How much sugar scrub should i use at a time?”

That clearly depends on what you're trying to “scrub”! That also goes with knowing your skin. Not many people need more or less than the next person to achieve the same result. You yourself know when you're doing too much or not enough. However, this question usually pops up when one has accidentally over-scrubbed causing redness and irritation! Simply put. Applying a sugar scrub is suppose to be a wonderful experience, not a daunting one. If in anyway you feel any type of discomfort in applying your sugar scrub, either discontinue use of it or dial back the abrasiveness of it. There's no easier way to say it!

“When should i use my sugar scrub?”

Anyone who regularly makes sugar scrub usually knows that they can technically use a sugar scrub whenever they want at any time of the day. That's because sugar scrubs are so quick to make that there's really no part of the day where they can't be used. More commonly though they are mostly used during the morning during their hygiene regimen. That's because most people scrub their entire bodies thus having to bathe or shower it all off. Some go the extra mile by doing it at both morning when they wake up and night when they go to bed! If you're just now getting into the sugar scrub game, try starting a morning regimen to see how well you and your skin get use to the new yet exciting change!

“How often should i use my sugar scrub?”

This is an extremely crucial thing to consider rather you're an expert scrubber or just starting out when it comes to how to use a sugar scrub. This also applies to knowing your skin and how it reacts to changes in your environment as much as your regimen! The average amount of sugar scrub to apply per day Is usually once or twice completely spread out over the course of the day. This is particularly why most do it once in the morning and once at night! A great recipe can be tempting to want to do more than once but you never want to scrub too much! Even if you don't feel or see the effects of scrubbing too much now, you may later! Getting your skin from where it is now to where you want it to be is like many things, it takes patience! Take careful notice of how your skin looks and feels over the course of a few days when starting or changing your skin regimen.

“What about sensitive areas?”

Sensitive areas can be anything from areas of the body that has a thinner or softer skin layer than the rest, or an area or two that's irritated like a rash or a wound. In areas of the body that are healthy yet are thin and soft like your face, neck, the back of your knee, the unmentionable areas, There are indeed lighter variations of the same sugar scrub recipe that are meant for sensitive areas. Therefore mostly every area of your body is taken care of. It would be wise not to use any type of body scrub for any skin that is open or irritated in any way!

“Is it wise to use more than one sugar scrub recipe?”

As long as your sugar scrub is catered well to your skin and that you simply enjoy it, not only can you, it is encouraged that you do! Having more than one recipe gives you more variety. Though you may have a favorite scented perfume, you may also have many different fragrances. It's the same with a sugar scrub! The more the better!

“Thanks to sugar scrubs i have achieved super smooth skin! Yay! Now what?”

Congratulations! All of your hard work has finally paid off! You've done your research, learned how to use a sugar scrub, you've made it to a point that you're comfortable in your smooth soft skin. It doesn't stop there! Although you may not have to do as much to get the results you have now, maintenance is an ongoing factor to keep your silky skin at it's best! Love your new skin and Keep going! Don't stop! Mostly importantly, Have fun!

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