How to make Sugar scrub extremely easy

How to make sugar scrub Sugar scrubs are amazing! Anyone that has tried it knows! A good sugar scrub is by far the most natural way to exfoliate your skin! Not too many products out there come close the almighty awesomeness of a soothing sugar scrub before a soaking warm bath!

Making sugar scrubs is so much fun and literally costs you almost nothing, more like the dollar or two that you thought that you lost but found under the cushion of your couch, Or that 5 dollar bill that you swore up and down that the dog ate...weird!
     One of the best ways to make a sugar scrub recipe is guessed it, start from the basics! Have off-the-charts soft skin with just a few ingredients and before you know it you just may become the next neighborhood sugar scrub alchemist! Everyone will be knocking down your door at 2am wondering what's the flavor of the week. but hey, we all have to start somewhere right?

The most basic and minimalistic way to make a sugar scrub of all time is Simply:

2 parts sugar, whatever sugar that you have in your cubby is fine!
1 part oil, you can use whatever oil that you have at your disposal...suggestion? Go Elegance! Olive oil, is most popular but it's okay to think outside the box here!

and that's it!

This is an easy way to learn how to make sugar scrub and is the basis for countless mixes and combinations of every sugar scrub ever made! This sugar scrub by itself can be used for your face and all over your body!
     If you really want something special, one of the first things to consider is to add essential oils to scent your newly found sugar scrub discovery! Many have stepped up their game by putting vitamins in their sugar scrub getting their "beautiful skin from the outside in"!
     Dare not be afraid! Now that you've just learned how to make a sugar scrub, Go above and beyond and test and mix every single wonder you can think of...or have researched! The sugar scrub love-bugs all over the net can't wait to see what you come up with!

Make a new jar of your new sugar scrub and get your "smooth skin on"!

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