Homemade Sugar Scrub for beautifully soft skin

Homemade sugar scrub There's nothing wrong with buying a nice jar of your favorite sugar scrub if you don't have the resources to recreate it. However, having a nice Homemade sugar scrub can not only be just as invigorating for it's purpose which is to achieve unbelievably soft skin, but can also cost little to nothing to make, and can also be a lot of fun!

Here's a nice and simple homemade sugar scrub recipe that you can make using ingredients that you more than likely already have!
The ingredients you'll need are:

      Sugar, white or brown (or dark green?) doesn't matter!
      oil, if you're in a crunch, any oil will do but it's preferred to go for the good healthy stuff, olive oil or better!
      honey, does fantastic things for your skin! want that glow that celebs use? it's not like they sleep under florescent lighting!
      lemon, works as a natural skin lightener and make dark spots non-existent!
      An option (a highly recommended one) is any scent that you feel would make your easy sugar scrub smell great! any type of essential oil is fine as long as you love it!

Now this homemade sugar scrub recipe is more of a guide than it is an actual recipe, This sugar scrub recipe is basically for those just starting out and need to know how a sugar scrub would affect your skin! How precise you want it is completely up to you but the simplicity of how to make a homemade sugar scrub are as follows:

      Put 2 parts sugar, whatever sugar that may be, into a small mixing bowl.
      Put 1 part oil into the mixing bowl. However much sugar you put in the bowl, divide that by half and put that much oil into the bowl.
      Add honey and lemon, The amount of honey and lemon that you put into your homemade sugar scrub is completely at your call, if you feel that it's too thick, add more honey, too thin, add more sugar! It's just that simple!
      Lemon affects skin differently according to each person, That's because (if you haven't figured it out by now) lemon is a natural acid! what one may be able to tolerate to achieve skin perfection, may not entirely work the same for another! You know your skin better than anyone! Apply the amount of lemon into your homemade sugar scrub to your preference and most of all, skin tolerance!

Remember! This is YOUR homemade sugar scrub, Make this very easy sugar scrub unique to all that is you, and Most importantly, Have fun making new types! Think outside the OUTSIDE of the box and who knows what you will create!

recipe Homemade sugar scrub recipe

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