Sugar Lip Scrub

Olive oil and sugar scrub: The dynamic Duo of skincare

Olive oil and sugar scrubWhen it comes to olive oil and sugar scrub, The word common is an understatement! Although there are many types of base oils to use, there's no common go-to oil to use when making a sugar scrub than olive oil! It's used in roughly 90% of all sugar scrubs ever made and there's no decline of it's use in sight anytime soon! You would think that with all of the many health properties of olive oil that purchasing it would literally cost an arm and a leg. Quite the contrary! Making sugar scrub with olive oil has to be one of the smartest and greatest ways ever to get the baby soft skin that you've always wanted back! (Remember! You did have it once before!)

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Make the Best Sugar Lip Scrubs Ever

Sugar lip scrub It's nice to always have a great sugar lip scrub to go along with all of your other favorite sugar scrubs! When it comes to achieving beautiful skin, your lips are not to be left out! They are just as important as the rest of your body! The great thing about a sugar lip scrub is that you can carry it with you and apply it quickly to get super soft skin right away and, its probably one of the least abrasive sugar scrubs to ever create! You can't help but love your lips! Making a sugar lip scrub is a great accent to getting overall body softness!

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