Coffee sugar scrub: Java exfoliation at its greatest

Coffee sugar scrubCoffee has to be one of the most talked about subjects when it comes to things made by nature. Lots of people love it, half of them overdo it, and some have no idea that it does more than just get you through the crazy day of trying not to kill your arrogant boss! You'd be surprised to know that coffee does many things for your skin and hair even as you causally drink it. Just imagine those who do it on a daily basis! Some people may not know that it actually does just as much wonder for your body externally as well as internally! Though few people make a coffee sugar scrub, The numbers are indeed a lot! Why? Because the secret is out! There's more to that cute little brown bean than we know!

From coffee being an antioxidant powerhouse to helping you loose weight, drinking coffee can be one of those healthy sure fire ways to living a little bit better. Coffee also helps brighten and smooth skin which is a huge plus for all of us (rhyme points!) and increases circulation giving more nutrients of other healthy things to your skin! Kinda like a huge cathedral door opener as opposed to a small sinkhole cap. Having this along with other new found knowledge of nature has to be great reasons why an ever growing amount of people have thought to make a coffee sugar scrub!

[Answer This: Decaf vs non decaf coffee in your sugar there a difference?]

So, rather or not you make your coffee sugar scrub with caffeine in an effort to see if getting a skin-buzz is even possible, Making the java skin rub will definitely get you the smooth skin that we've always dreamed of. Along with a warm sensual sent like you took a bath in coffee before you went to work! Either that or you splashed some on yourself and you can't get the sent to go away because it's clashing with your favorite perfume! Other than that, You're going to smell wonderful!

Though sugar scrubs made with coffee are becoming a growing trend, it's never too late to try a mix that no one else has yet to do. Starbucks sure hasn't given up on that. They can make a coffee with hot n spicy nacho cheese sauce with a hint of cardboard for fiber and cauliflower for foam it's a guarantee that somebody is going to try it! (Don't lie, you totally just imagined what that would look like!)

Of course one of the coolest thing about coffee is that like other things made by nature, it is extremely easy to make a sugar scrub with. It's also just as inexpensive. To get your creative juices flowing, Take a look at these jittery sugar scrub recipes.

Coffee sugar scrub "" - Coffee & Brown Sugar Scrub….Or Create Your Own Combination…Green, Cheap & Works!

Check out this gifted coffee sugar scrub by This is of course a scrub using all natural ingredients (like every sugar scrub should be). It makes a very decent 1 cup for a beautifully scented morning making that smooth skin move while getting your day started! There are also many other ways explained on how to vary this sugar scrub! Keep the share going!

Coffee sugar scrub "Mom on timeout" - DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

This wonderful coffee sugar scrub by Mom on Timeout shows that its easy to make any great scrub using products that you already have in your home! If you work your butt off to make a living, chances are you have coffee. This is an easy sugar scrub to make and extremely inexpensive. Makes you think twice about what else coffee can do...or what it's been hiding? (dun dun duuuun...)

"Natural Living Mamma" - Coffee Honey Sugar Scrub – Handmade Holidays

Coffee with a touch of gold! This is a unique coffee honey sugar scrub by Natural Living Mama. Now you're getting even more healthy skin benefits due to the extra honey flavor alongside your coffee companion! With the insanely wonderful scent of this sugar scrub and the smooth skin of your beauty regimen, you're going to smell all kinds of good and you're more than likely going to drive someone crazy. Be careful, You've been warned!

Coffee sugar scrub "Seven Clown Circus" - Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe {homemade gift idea}

Give a gift to someone that's more than a simple “thought that counts” (cliché bogus-ness) with a heavenly scented exfoliator like this Homemade coffee sugar scrub by Seven Clown Circus. The recipe and ingredients are really easy and high detailed images are shown clearly for all to see how easy it is to make this nicely crafted scrub. This is a very well displayed scrub for it to be so simple! You now have no excuse as to why you came to the party with a blank card that you forgot to have everyone sign...Genius!

"Freutcake" - Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

This is probably the easiest coffee sugar scrub to make on this list! The simplest recipe by Freutcake uses almond oil which is a nice twist on oils to use! If you ever need to get your “smooth skin on” quickly then this is the recipe that will get it done. Though the recipe may be short and sweet, the description for this scrub is quite informative! That's always a nice thing to have. Knowledge is power!

Now that you know what else you can do with coffee besides drink it, Treat your skin to something even more unique by making a coffee sugar scrub of your own. Blend some cool flavors in with it and enjoy the beautiful benefits of having a sugar scrub that's made for you! Share it with others so that they too can have wonderful skin just like you! Have fun!

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