Brown Sugar Scrub that's better for you

Brown sugar scrubBrown sugar scrub is a popular alternative to white sugar scrubs, Brown sugar has its own unique texture, light and mostly soft, along with a warm sweet scent of molasses we all love! Brown sugar by itself brings an entirely different variation to all kinds of sugar scrub ideas!

A brown sugar scrub can come in many textures due to the particle size which varies, some are even lighter or darker in color due to the molasses being returned after processing. The molasses is also the cause of brown sugar being a bit moist and clumpy as oppose to white sugar being so dry! With that being said if you didn't already know, brown sugar is just white sugar with molasses put back in! Isn't that something?

There are hundreds, literally Thousands of brown sugar scrubs in the world. It costs nothing but a trip to the store and some change in your pocket to make a simple brown sugar scrub! There are those however that take making a brown sugar scrub seriously and turn it into a science! There's more to the craft of how to make a brown sugar scrub than just brown sugar and your favorite oils! Although that's all it takes! Check out these wonderful brown sugar scrubs!

Soothing Touch Brown Sugar Scrub - Chocolate/Peppermint

A luxurious Choco-mint brown sugar scrub by Herbal Therapy! Talk about something that will wake you up in the morning? Just make sure that you eat breakfast before this chocolate peppermint burst gets to your smelly senses, you just might be tempted to eat some!

Sunshine Spa Brown Sugar Scrub - Vanilla Orange

Sunshine Spa Organics brings brightness to the day! Get the gorgeous soft skin that you want with a smooth and uplifting Brown sugar scrub of warm sweet vanilla and the citrus pop of orange to dance the senses! Be prepared to own the day with this beautiful brown sugar scrub!

Archipelago Botanicals - Brown Sugar & Vanilla Body Scrub

Take your life back to a time when nature was our healer and beautifier with this amazing vanilla and brown sugar scrub from Archipelago Botanicals! A gentle brown sugar scrub with the calming of vanilla to wipe away your worries leaving your skin as beautiful as nature intended!

Bubalina CB02 Cranberry Brown Sugar Body Sugar Scrub

What a unique combination! Cranberry and brown sugar? An antioxidant powerhouse! With the skin greatness of shea butter, healthy safflower oil and extract of green tea makes this brown sugar scrub amazing for rejuvenating your skin! Sometimes it's okay to share! (or is it?)

FarmHouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler Brown Sugar Body Scrub 12 oz

Now this is something truly special! Whiskey? as a brown sugar scrub? How cool is that? If any type of warning must be given out when it comes to this sugar scrub, it probably sounded something like, enjoy your whiskey brown sugar scrub...on your day OFF of work!

So you see? you can make brown sugar scrub into any flavor that you want! Make it bright, make it sensual, it may even get you drunk! (kidding) Whatever brown sugar scrub that you choose or find, even if you make one yourself, just remember the best reason for having it, to achieve that touchable soft skin that everyone wants!

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